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Holiday BizarreUh… okay. I like bizarre holidays but I’m not so sure I’d attend a holiday bizarre, especially at a private residence. (Given that this sign shouldn’t have been affixed to a light pole in the first place and should have been removed about 40 days ago, I’d say it’s fair game.)

Recently I was kicking myself for not taking a picture of a “holiday bizarre” sign I saw on a prominent marquee in Redmond years ago. So imagine my delight when I saw this deliciously misspelled denizen on the side of the road… (more…)

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You first heard my concerns about doubtfizzling in a 2011 post on the misuse of apostrophes, Apostrophe Madness.

Do you ever look at a word so long when you’re trying to spell it that you start doubting it’s really a word?

Tacoma. Ta-co-ma. Tacoma. Yeah, that’s right. Taco-MAHHH! (like the evil priest shouting “Kali Ma!” in Temple of Doom while struggling with Indiana Jones).

Temple of Doom

Tacoma? Hmm. This is such a simple word, yet the Native Americans had a different version. Tahoma. The name of the mighty mountain. Ta-ho-ma…. Ta-ho-MAHHHH!!! (more…)

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