No Boredom!

As I said in yesterday’s post, being bored is impossible when you enjoy history and genealogy! You always have places to go, photos to take, research to complete, and stacks of paperwork to sort through. So hearing people say they’re bored during this time of social distancing sounds rather alien; some of us are finding […]

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The Algonquian are credited with calling this moon, or tibik-kėzis, the Worm Moon. Tonight we were dazzled by the Worm Moon Super Moon, aka the Worm Super Moon. Even the shots when neighbor doggie with cataracts was getting tangled up in the tripod, which are not very focused, are captivating. Collective Evolution just posted a […]

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Both the humans trembled– Merlin because he did not know what was coming, Ransom because he knew. And now it came. It was fiery, sharp, bright and ruthless, ready to kill, ready to die, outspeeding light: it was Charity, not as mortals imagine it, not even as it has been humanised for them since the […]

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Faux Blood Moon?

WOW. I was just coming home from the store and had to stop to take pictures of this gorgeous rising moon. I couldn’t quite get a steady shot, even balancing the camera on a fire hydrant, but you can see why I was in awe. We aren’t due for another blood moon yet, but this […]

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The Harvest Blood Supermoon!

You can watch the September 27th, 2015 blood supermoon live on now (5:00 PDT). You can find out where it’s visible and when to watch it at (which has all sorts of other tantalizing details as well). Yes, the moon tonight is: -The harvest moon: the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. -A super moon: […]

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Did you see Friday’s partial solar eclipse? Due to stormy weather here in the Seattle area, we thought we were only going to be able to watch it online until… the clouds briefly parted. A window opened in the roiling sky so that we were able to see what appeared to be a bottomless black […]

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