The New Civil War

Today in Seattle tensions are mounting as a group of people demand the removal of a Confederate monument in Lake View Cemetery. This happens from time to time. You might remember Destroying the Seattle Confederate Memorial  from two years ago in which I mention the diverse parties involved in its dedication. Earlier today I was informed […]

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Slavery in Africa is the Real Crisis

Originally posted on Right From Yaad:
This Article was taken from Link here: ? Behind the Boko Haram headlines, slavery in Africa is the real crisis by Emma Christopher The mass kidnapping of schoolgirls by terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria is neither a new nor rare occurrence, though this does not make it…

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Frontline for Justice

Oh no. Not that question. Squirming in my chair, I was listening to the questions being asked of Phil, an anti-human trafficking activist with Frontline for Justice. It was Phil’s presentation, not mine, but my education and life experiences had me champing at the bit to back him on some of his answers. Who does […]

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