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Tonight a friend and I were discussing the recent presidential debates. When I hear the word debate, I want something with meat and potatoes, a sparring contest of substance rather than accusations hurled back and forth between candidates. It’s the difference between watching a serious martial arts event and an emotionalĀ slapping contest. One is a respectful interchange between learned men and the other is high drama juxtaposed against red, white, and blue.

These debates delivered both. One of the elements of the debates I’m most impressed with is that Romney had the backbone to speak out when his views were being misrepresented. I’m always tuned into the psychology of campaigns and have been wary of how the Obama camp’s efforts often appeal to emotion rather than reason. As a taxpaying American citizen, I want logical answers that tell me how our current problems are going to be fixed, not hollow talk that spreads blame and misinformation. (more…)

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