Love Should Not Hurt

Wow. I just watched this video by Fabio D’Andrea and Mel B. It says everything without saying a word. This is four minutes of truth that showcases the horrifying ebb and flow of an abusive relationship. Abusive relationships don’t start this way. The abuser may sweep the victim off their feet, seeming like a long-awaited […]

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Why Didn’t You Just Leave?

“So why didn’t you just leave?” The question hit a nerve somewhere near my third thoracic vertebra and sizzled in my right cheek like an antagonized hornet. That question. I hate that question. I’m tired of that question. But I try to use that question to give people a crash course in the dynamics of domestic […]

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Stalking via Revenge Porn

Stalking via revenge porn – an infographic. Human Rights vs. Stalkers posted this information last week and it’s worth reblogging. Originally from— check it out– it puts the sharing of sensitive photos without the victim’s consent squarely where it belongs, in the stalking category.

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This information was featured in an email from End Violence Against Women International today, Here is the explanation from that email:

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What is Rape? End Violence Against Women International has done a great job making the public aware of the FBI’s change to the definition of forcible rape. This definition is used in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program which tracks particular kinds of crime statistics. A recent update from EVAW says that the definition now reads: […]

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Rethinking Rape

Noel Coward once said that it is discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit. This backward reaction is often true when men and women disclose sexual assault, especially in cases in which the circumstances of the assault do not meet the traditional definition of rape. Our society has been […]

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