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Gavel and Law Books

He’s been arrested for stalking, assault, and intimidating a judge. He’s said to run with a bad crowd and is currently behind bars.

But KOMO News is reporting that Robert Hill wants, “a full list of adult dancer licensing forms from the county, including identifying details of their bodies, their personal information and photos.” (more…)

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Those who’ve read my article on police records might be interested to check out an experiment in Massachusetts called OpenCourt. Here’s an explanation of it from their site:

OpenCourt is an experimental project run by WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, that uses digital technology to make Quincy District Court more accessible to the public. Anyone with an internet connection will be able to see and hear what goes on in court.

I have no doubt that this concept will spread and it will be deemed a success by open government advocates. On the surface, it sounds like a decent use of modern technology that will contribute to government transparency. (more…)

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Washington State Patrol Collision Report Form

Washington State Patrol Collision Report Form

In 2006, King County, Washington Councilmember Reagan Dunn was roundly panned for drawing attention to an issue with county records that were accessible to anyone via the Internet. His constituents’ social security numbers and signatures were displayed on many documents that were considered public record.

Obviously such information could be misused for identity theft or forgery purposes, so he was right to point this out. But he was criticized for increasing the risk of such crimes by doing so. This article may be similarly criticized, but this is about what your government is doing with your personal information, and to fix it, the public needs to be fully aware of what’s happening. (more…)

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