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Sometimes you know you’re on the right track when you get t-boned by a semi truck straight from hell.

Earlier this month I had what could be best described as a life-changing shift occur unexpectedly. It was as if God had suddenly knocked the blinders from my eyes and I gasped at the blessings before me, ripe and dripping with possibility. It was like the walls surrounding my heart were blown outward so that I could see the endless blue-tinged horizon on all sides, all 360 degrees glowing softly with long-awaited promise.

Until then I’d felt like I was puttering along in first gear in a broken down car. Suddenly I realized that I’d been upgraded and found myself shifting into fourth, tearing down a desert highway at 120 with my hair on fire. It is exhilarating when God starts opening the doors you’re actually supposed to go through after years of beating until your knuckles are bloody on doors meant to remain closed. (more…)

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