Drew Peterson: It’s Not His Fault

Justice Cafe, a blog following the Drew Peterson case, has posted the transcript of Peterson’s speech to the court yesterday: http://petersonstory.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/i-did-not-kill-kathleen-read-drew-petersons-full-courtroom-speech/. If you’re used to being victimized by, interacting with, or studying narcissists and sociopaths, this impassioned declaration of innocence will be transparent to you. What is the most universal behavior of sociopaths (thank you Martha […]

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Ending OIDV

On any given day, anyone with Internet access can go to websites like Behind the Blue Wall and Injustice Everywhere (now the National Police Misconduct Reporting Project) to view the latest news reports of domestic violence committed by police officers. This abuse is not only devastating to victims but damaging to the agencies and communities these […]

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Drew Peterson: Untouchable

Reviews of last night’s Drew Peterson: Untouchable movie on Lifetime are mocking the script, chortling that Rob Lowe is too good-looking to pull off the slovenly, bloated Peterson, and rightfully noting that viewers couldn’t tell which characters exist in real life and which don’t. At least a few websites are saying you should watch it just […]

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Officer-Involved Domestic Violence

Last weekend in Gig Harbor, a Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed his in-laws, held his own children hostage, and then committed suicide. I was shocked; then I wasn’t. The media didn’t name the victims right away and I wanted to know who they were. The murder-suicide happened right behind my old middle school. […]

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