Seen in Wallingford

Yesterday at the Wallingford Chevron… But two blocks west at this place… There are zombies! Southwest, at the Fremont Vintage Mall, I found it ironic that the second faux patent poster I turned to was for… toilet paper. Toilet paper is a hot commodity in the Puget Sound area due to panic buying. When I […]

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Oh Yeah! It’s Pi Day!

Originally posted 3/14/14. For 3/14/15, especially at 9:26:53, check out Celebrate Pi Day At 5 Of Seattle’s Best Spots For Pie and Going full circle for math and pastries on a special Pi Day. Vegan and gluten-free Flying Apron in Fremont and Redmond is offering $3.14 slices of pie all day, including mixed berry, apple, chocolate mint cream, and pecan. […]

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