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The father of modern psychology, Sigmund Freud, once said that he could not think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection. Many of us were raised in homes in which we could not count on our dads to do this because the attacks we needed protection from were coming directly from them. Others had dads who were too absorbed in themselves, their work, or their hobbies to care what was happening. Some dads were missing altogether.

Anyone hailing from these backgrounds knows what a sick feeling it is for your father to have been absent when you needed him the most. It’s like being sent onto a battlefield without a flak jacket. You spend a lot of time crawling around in trenches, suffering wounds, and reeling from the explosions that pepper the playing field of life. Initially you feel lost, alone, and angry that a grown-up would allow you to face such dangers without the proper gear. In time it may toughen you, but by the time that happens, a part of yourself has been lost. (more…)

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Sherwood Baptist Church of Georgia has done it again.


It’s been nearly four months since the release of Sherwood’s fourth film, Courageous. I finally watched it this weekend and found that its tone was consistent with their 2006 football film Facing the Giants. It was a similar mix of laugh out loud hilarity and somber tearjerker scenes that result in deep self-reflection. The range of emotions captured in this film has a greater intensity than their previous films. It’s the kind of production you let play clear through the credits because you’re so absorbed in thinking about its message. (more…)

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