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Oso DNR Overlay Capture 2

DNR/Dave Tucker

Skepticblog » Oso tragic, Oso foolish.

I’ve debated whether to reblog this post since I first read it about a month ago. Some of the author’s comments will not sit well with those affected by the Oso mudslide and it is important to note that some people who lived here had no idea of the danger they were in. Some were also working in the area or were visitors.

Why this post is interesting is because it discusses possibly the biggest question kicked around in the media since the initial on-scene coverage died down: who is ultimately responsible? I’ve heard people argue that they should be able to build wherever they want without government interference. Is the government, then, responsible for assisting with rescue, recovery, and relief efforts? (more…)

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From the Washington State Department of Natural Resources

From the Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Monday, March 24th, I was perusing blog posts about the Oso, Washington mudslide, some of which were written by people knowledgeable about local geology. I was disturbed by what I found. By Tuesday, the major news stations and newspapers around Seattle had started to publish stories asking the same question—were there red flags indicating that the mudslide would happen? Could a landslide happen again soon?

I’m not an expert, but the more I learn about the geology in this area, the more concerned I become about the possibility of another slide and the more I question whether rebuilding in the same spot—if that’s on the table– is a wise idea. As a society we see rebuilding as a sign of resilience and so might not question the wisdom of doing so. (more…)

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