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Seen in an unnamed store in an unnamed location yesterday…

Retail 1-1-16

I love holidays. There’s one to celebrate every day. Today, for example, is Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day. Tomorrow, January 3rd, is Festival of Sleep Day (yes!!) and Fruitcake Toss Day. But this display was just too much.

Each holiday has an approximate place– no Christmas in July, no Valentines in December, no Nightmare Before St. Patrick’s Day. I would be fine with the wearing of costumes to all such events to boost the celebratory cheer as such garb could be relevant to each holiday. I proposed a Christmas party where people would dress up as their favorite Claymation character– Rudolph, King Moonracer, Hermey, Boss Elf, etc.

Christmas is a season to me, not a day, and I have no issue with leaving decorations up for a few more weeks. It takes a lot of work to put them up and they bring an extra sparkle to dreary winter nights. But– aagh, they all seem to run together now, with no buffer between them. Someone already sent me a card with Santa, Dracula, the Easter Bunny, and the whole pop culture pantheon represented. One card does it all! And in the meantime we lose sight of the divine origins and meanings of some of these days, like an all-powerful God coming to earth to give us lasting hope and life.

Retail sector– could we at least get a bit of a breather before you launch into the holidays for the next four to six months? The Christmas season is intense and we need a break before you start dangling plastic trinkets we don’t actually need for the next round. Ooh, look, a glow-in-the-dark leprechaun…


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