2021 A.D.

Oh, for more time to blog. 2020 was, in the words of a 9 year-old quoted in the media, like looking both ways before you cross the road and getting hit by a submarine. There were many blessings; for those I am grateful. I also feel like 2020 added on an extra 10 years. But […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all! Despite our second rainiest December on record here in the Seattle area, we had a brilliantly sunny and frosty New Year’s Day as we often do. Temperatures actually got into the 20s last night, which doesn’t happen that often. New Year’s Day morning I was bird watching and spotted this handsome […]

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Happy 2008!

What, you say? If Jesus was born in 6 B.C., then we’re in 2008 rather than 2014 (see┬áStar of Wonder), right? Technicalities aside, let’s not only change the world, but change ourselves for the better in the new year. Lasting change has to start at the individual level.

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