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So what are you doing next month in mid-August? How about a little Gemau Byd Arallddweisol in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales?

For years I’ve wanted to host an absolutely ridiculous annual event compromised of guests in random costumes competing in contests of our own creation. Fastest Slip N’Slider covered in Crisco, perhaps, or blindfolded adult tricycle racing. The possibilities are endless and the best part is knowing wild and crazy people who’d have no problem abandoning themselves to such a day of glee.

It turns out that some of my intrepid Welsh brethren have beat me to the punch and created the World Alternative Games, held every August in a small town near the Irfon Forest called Llanwrtyd Wells. The idea for the Games was sparked after learning the Olympics would be held in London in 2012; WAG held its first official games that same year. The WAG website says: (more…)

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