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Oso DNR Overlay Capture 2

DNR/Dave Tucker

Skepticblog » Oso tragic, Oso foolish.

I’ve debated whether to reblog this post since I first read it about a month ago. Some of the author’s comments will not sit well with those affected by the Oso mudslide and it is important to note that some people who lived here had no idea of the danger they were in. Some were also working in the area or were visitors.

Why this post is interesting is because it discusses possibly the biggest question kicked around in the media since the initial on-scene coverage died down: who is ultimately responsible? I’ve heard people argue that they should be able to build wherever they want without government interference. Is the government, then, responsible for assisting with rescue, recovery, and relief efforts? (more…)

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Oso Aid

 The Oso Chapel is hosting a community prayer and share meeting on Wednesday, March 26th, at 7 P.M. Details here

The death toll has risen to 14 in the Oso mudslide as rescuers have been giving their all to reach any survivors before a storm hits on Tuesday. It was actually area residents who found several of their neighbors’ bodies. There are still many unaccounted for– over a hundred missing persons reports have been made to the authorities. Entire families are missing. KOMO reported that a family dog was rescued from the rubble, reinforcing hopes that there could still be people rescued from this nightmare as well. (more…)

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