Workplace Bullying

Wow! This video, posted online by the advocacy group Dignity Together, is the best summary of workplace bullying that I’ve seen. The target of the bullying is not the problem or the solution, yet employers often treat them as if they’re responsible for the abuser’s actions. Without intervention, the problem will get worse, and there […]

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Being Professional

When was the last time you walked into a business and wanted to go back because of the generic, cardboard treatment you received at the hands of an emotionless drone? Probably never, right? Over the years I’ve pondered what, exactly, constitutes professional behavior. We see unprofessional behavior all the time– laziness, swearing, bullying, people who […]

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Head Dancing

There is a meeting room where I work in which its Miami Vice color scheme, fuzzy lighting, and muffled acoustics combine to create an overpowering snooze-inducing effect. When I sit down in this room, I soon find myself squinting and taking shallow, hamster-like breaths as a wave of sleepiness froths over me. It doesn’t matter […]

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