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Federal defense attorney Erich Ferrari has posted a good explanation of criminal forfeiture law on his blog. I hadn’t seen a technical explanation in the local media  of how Colton Harris-Moore can “give up” money he doesn’t yet have, and this explains it clearly.

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Brain Diagram

I just posted this on another blog that asked what we could be doing to encourage Colton Harris-Moore to live a more responsible life. Feel free to join the discussion at http://catchthebarefootbandit.wordpress.com/. Healthy, respectful discussions can lead to great things.


I’m fine with being the lone dissenting voice on this view if that winds up being the case. I’ll stick to my guns about Harris-Moore needing an in-depth evaluation by a qualified forensic psychologist for the public’s sake as well as his own. This should factor into his sentencing, along with expert testimony. (more…)

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Camano Island is home to a diverse and talented group of people. Thousands of them work on the mainland, some quite a distance from their enchanted isle. Despite the time it takes to commute to and from their jobs, they are able to balance enriching home lives on Camano with fulfilling careers that benefit other communities as well.

One such Camano resident is Marlene Moodie, who manages the Brier Library. Brier is a mostly residential area sandwiched between Lynnwood and Kenmore just north of the King-Snohomish County line. This library is part of the Sno-Isle Library system, the same library district that serves the Stanwood-Camano area. (more…)

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Colton Harris-Moore’s defense attorney has threatened to bankrupt Island and San Juan Counties if they prosecute him on their soil. Instead, John Henry Browne would like to consolidate all charges and have them dealt with at the federal level. (more…)

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Sackett Family/nola.com

Sackett Family/nola.com

Today Colton Harris-Moore pled guilty to entering the Bahamas illegally and was released to U.S. custody. He is now in Miami and will appear in federal court tomorrow. Harris-Moore told locals that he’d planned to travel to Cuba from the Bahamas, but told authorities he wanted to land in the Turks and Caicos.

There’s fresh video of him telling reporters to go to hell when asked for a comment, as well as a brief interview with his mother. There’s also video of him running through a marina armed, looking for another boat to steal. This story is everywhere.

More details are emerging about his arrest. (more…)

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