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Muath al-Kaseasbeh

Forever remember the name of Muath al-Kaseasbeh.


In this video he is doused in some sort of accelerant and then burned alive in a metal cage. Should you watch it? That depends. Children should not watch it. Those who will be haunted by flesh melting off of a man being burned alive shouldn’t watch it. But perhaps the rest of us should as a testament to what this brave Jordanian pilot endured and the evils that these masked cowards are willing to inflict on others.

Frankly I think this film’s producers have watched a few too many Quentin Tarantino movies. In Hollywood, this is entertainment. For ISIS, this is some sort of battle cry to the world and military victory. In the real world, this is a man who gave his life, in the most agonizing way imaginable, to protect others.

Al-Kaseasbeh was a married first lieutenant in the Royal Jordanian Air Force whose F-16 went down in Syria in late December. The intelligence and ability required for this job speaks volumes about what caliber of man ISIS just executed. He was a brave, proud, educated man who, at just 26 years of age, left a legacy of service to others.

Prior to his death in this video, a bunch of tiny, unreadable Arabic writing interspersed with images of dead children and bombings flashes on the screen. It seems to be some sort of an attempt to show what horrible atrocities al-Kaseasbeh committed. Most Westerners won’t have a clue what’s being said or what the graphics are all about, so I’m not sure who the target audience was intended to be.

Were all the attempts at razzle dazzle supposed to be intimidating? Aside from the lieutenant’s poise, it played like a drunk Decepticon wrote it after a night binging on conspiracy theory movies from the 1990s. It was very busy and the graphics guy has some deep issues with American-made aircraft. For all I know he’s one of the Westerners who’s devoting his life to a demonic, self-indulgent movement intent on wiping anyone who doesn’t agree with them from the face of the earth.

Dramatic scenes of al-Kaseasbeh being led to his execution follow. He walks past a bunch of masked cowards further cloaked by their lookalike uniforms. While I will never be impressed by infidels who torture and murder those who fight for freedom, them trying to look tough by looking alike while looking upon a true hero made them even less impressive.

What First Lieutenant  al-Kaseasbeh endured is what more will endure if this global gang of thugs isn’t stopped. ISIS and their associates, known by many names, some of which claim to be moderate, are trying to take over the world. They are beheading, raping, torturing, crucifying, and otherwise violating and murdering their fellow human beings, including children.

I have always admired King Abdullah of Jordan and the continual risks he has taken on behalf of Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike. He and his family face grave personal danger for the stands they have taken over the years. Here in the United States, we need leadership that will support what countries like Jordan and Israel are doing to protect freedom and human rights.

Our current leadership won’t even call ISIS and their ilk by name or call them out for what they are. How, then, can the United States effectively stop atrocities like this? How can we stop Americans fighting for ISIS from coming back into this country and doing the same?

Please hold Anwar al-Tarawneh, the wife of Muath al-Kaseasbeh, up in prayer as she processes the horrible death of her husband. Sources says he was murdered a month ago even though the video was just released this week. That surely deepens the trauma. While I am skeptical of some of the videos terrorists produce, Jordan says this one is authentic and plans to execute some ISIS fighters post haste.

As Chesterton said, the true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. That is what distinguishes us from them. We are motivated by life, liberty, truth, the pursuit of happiness, the preservation and advancement of human rights, and the desire to promote free and democratic societies. ISIS and their cousins are motivated by hate, by revenge, by malice, by intolerance, by all things black and blasphemous.

While I pray that even these terrorists find Jesus in their short time on earth, those that persist in this ideology must be eliminated to protect others. And what a sad state of affairs that is, because in all of eternity, they will never find a way out of that cage or that fire. If they choose an eternity apart from their Maker, what they have visited on others, like Lieutenant al-Kaseasbeh, will have no end.

And their screams will never stop.


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We Are Charlie: Free Speech v. Self-Censorship

As Douglas Murray of the Gatestone Institute said in this piece, stop blaming the victims and start taking a stand for freedom of speech.

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James Foley

Oh, God, no, please no… I think that’s what I said when I read the headline today declaring that American journalist James Foley had been savagely beheaded by the demonic gang of terrorist thugs called ISIS. Frankly my brain makes up its own acronyms for ISIS, like Ignorant Savages Instigating Slaughter. I know these people need the love of Jesus, but their merciless rampage of death and destruction, which has included the beheading and crucifixion of Christian children, makes my blood boil red, white, and blue.

I first became aware that Foley was missing in Syria while writing my December 2013 post More Americans Left Behind. In that post I featured a number of Americans who were being held in other countries and strongly questioned why the Obama administration has not done more to bring them home. James Foley had been a captive for nearly two years, for example. Supposedly a rescue mission was mounted on behalf of him and other Americans this summer, but it allegedly failed because the intelligence wasn’t good.

The videotaped beheading of an American is a direct terrorist strike at our nation. It’s a strike at you and me, and I wish more Americans had the mentality of the New Yorkers in Spiderman: You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Americans should not be at the mercy of regimes like Iran and North Korea; we don’t bow to them. We should not be tolerating the ongoing torture of Pastor Saeed Abedini or the criminal mistreatment of Kenneth Bae.

“Oh!” some say. “But they’re Christians, or Jews, or they put themselves in a dangerous situation. This is the price they pay for taking those risks.” We would all be living under a foreign language facist freak show if it wasn’t for the risk takers among us. These guys didn’t go to another nation to go skydiving or dabble in extreme wakeboarding. They traveled to these other countries to make a difference, to save lives, to soothe souls, to shine a light on the reality of the situation in these dark places.

By all accounts I’ve read, James Foley was one of these people. His parents say he went to Syria to show the world what was truly happening there. He ultimately gave his life for that. Thankfully most websites that show his execution video have edited out the part where his throat is cut and his severed head is lying on the ground. But you can still see most of it, in which he reads some sort of prefabricated statement.

His voice does not shake, he holds his head up high. His back is straight. His spirit does not appear to be broken. Knowing he’s about to have his throat slashed open by the masked coward with the British accent next to him, he doesn’t panic or scream. He faced death with courage and dignity. He didn’t have to. But he did. It is an image that will stay with me forever.

Earlier tonight I had to ask myself a question: am I more outraged that these (ooh, I’ll omit the next scathing acronym) primitive killers that Osama bin Laden didn’t even want anything to do with executed James Foley? Or am I more outraged that the United States didn’t get him back in time? How many more Americans will die because of erratic and spineless foreign policy and the fact that American tax dollars actually do go to terrorist groups and rogue nations? Who’s next? Whose family has to know that their son’s murder will be broadcast to billions of people around the world?

This shouldn’t be happening. It makes me sick. It makes me angry. One of our own has just been taken out into the desert by a group that has less morality than a fossilized amoeba. They believe their god lauds them for killing infidels, killing randomly, killing other Muslims, killing Christians, raping, and pillaging, and selling Christian women as sex slaves. It’s clear to me who their god really is, and that master will betray them when their last breath is taken.

There will be a lot of debate as to what the American and British responses should be to Foley’s murder, but first and foremost we must continue to pray. We must work harder to bring home the other Americans imprisoned in foreign countries. We must not allow Westerners fighting for groups like ISIS to return home as free citizens. We must demand that our government stop giving our money to groups and nations that pose a threat to our own people, to human rights, and to freedom.

And we must never, ever forget James Foley. For a brief moment in time, in that orange suit with the black microphone clipped to it, I saw all of us, our nation, with a knife to its throat. Because that is what ISIS would do to every one of us if they had the opportunity. These radicals would imprison us, enslave us, rape us, torture us, and brutally kill us. If you question the existence of evil, all you have to do is watch one of their videos. All you have to do is read one story about what they’re doing to women and children in Iraq.

Now is the time for our nation to unite against this evil. Now is the time for us to step up on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Iraq and other places stained by the blood that ISIS spills so freely. If we believe in freedom, and justice, and equality, and women’s rights, and human rights, we cannot sit passively by while this brave proponent of the First Amendment was forced to kneel in the devil’s playground and enter eternity at blade’s edge.

Regardless of what action you believe needs to be taken– military, sanctions, covert manhunt, prayer, financial aid to ISIS victims, or whatever else– do something. Contact your elected representatives. Make a donation. Make your voice heard. James Foley was one of us, and we’re Americans. Our forebears didn’t sit idly by when such horrors happened. Neither should we. ISIS messed with one of us. They should find out the hard way they messed with all of us.

As I go to bed tonight, I say to Jim Foley, who walked into the belly of the beast to show the world truth, I’m so sorry we didn’t come for you much sooner. I hope the last thing you thought of on this earth was how much you are loved.

Gary Farvel, Indystar.com. Note that James Foley was formerly a reporter for the Stars and Stripes.

Gary Farvel, Indystar.com. Note that James Foley was formerly a reporter for the Stars and Stripes.


In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. -Martin Luther King Jr.


Many people question if James Foley was actually beheaded or if that’s him in the video at all. They are concerned that this death was staged in order to justify another war. This link containing videos to this effect was sent to me by a concerned citizen. Judge for yourself.


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