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"Robbie Parker" laughs before making a concerted effort to appear sad the day after his daughter was allegedly murdered.

“Robbie Parker” laughs before asking “are we ready?” and making a concerted effort to appear sad– the day after his daughter was allegedly gunned down at school. This is one of a multitude of anomalies in photos and video relating to the Sandy Hook event. A girl who looks identical to his daughter appears soon after in photos with Obama.

The other day I was asked if I thought that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a false flag operation. A false flag operation is when a government stages an attack against its own people while pretending to be an enemy. This can be used to justify going to war with that enemy, using military force, or furthering an agenda (usually one that limits the freedoms of the citizenry).

Literally just after this question came up, I learned that a Dr. Laurie Roth was devoting several hours of her radio show to that exact question. I’d heard of Laurie Roth and knew that she often talks crime, politics, and corruption, so she is likely a woman passionate about some of the same issues I am. But I’d never listened to her show or browsed her website, http://therothshow.com/. (more…)

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Revolutionary War Rifles

In 1780 a Kentuckian named Samuel was serving in the Continental Army under General George Rogers Clark. He had twelve children.

On June 24th of that year, at a small settlement called Ruddle’s Station, the British and their Native American allies attacked at dawn. Twenty people were killed, including Samuel’s wife Hannah, who was scalped.

Samuel and his 12 year-old son were captured and held at Fort Detroit for the next four and a half years.

It is their sacrifices and their willingness to take up arms against a corrupt government that brought a nation founded on liberty and justice for all into being. (more…)

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