The Evolution of Watchtower

Last night I was listening to Richie Havens, one of my favorite voices, and his cover of All Along the Watchtower came on. I knew that it originated with Bob Dylan– and then Hendrix owned it– but I truly didn’t know how many versions of it there are. If you believe the Battlestar Galactica mythology, […]

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The Beethoven of Electric Guitar

On a recent Saturday a friend and I decided to visit the Jimi Hendrix Memorial in Renton, Washington. Hendrix was a Seattle native who was originally buried in a simple grave in Greenwood Memorial Park following his death in 1970. More recently he was moved to this amazing site which is a fitting tribute to a […]

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RIP Richie Havens

Gary Jackson over at A Time for Choosing has posted a nice tribute to Richie Havens, who passed away yesterday at the age of 72. Remembering Music Legend Richie Havens. Havens had one of those voices you just can’t forget. There was such energy and power and soul driving his music. So many “artists” today […]

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God is Not a White Man

One word: WOW. Had I not heard this performance in a church, I would have been on my feet yelling “WHOOOOOO!!!! YEAH!!!!!” during some of the blazing guitar solos. Next time I think I will. Who cares what anyone else thinks. I love good music. Today I had the privilege of hearing the band Gungor […]

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