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A family friend and his hilarious coworkers at Gig Harbor Fire made this video for their banquet this year. One develops a certain sense of humor when working in these fields, but I’m sure that everyone can appreciate a department poking fun at itself…

In reality these guys risk their lives for total strangers, and get to calls so fast they seem to teleport, unlike the depiction of their response time in this clip. I’m glad they were able to have a little fun.

(Dolphin word alert– Spongebob fans know what I mean– there’s a couple of four letter words in here.)

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Last weekend in Gig Harbor, a Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed his in-laws, held his own children hostage, and then committed suicide.

I was shocked; then I wasn’t.

The media didn’t name the victims right away and I wanted to know who they were. The murder-suicide happened right behind my old middle school. I grew up in that area.

Like the Brame murder-suicide in Gig Harbor in 2003, in which the Tacoma police chief shot and killed his wife and then himself, this hit way too close to home. In more ways than one. (more…)

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