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Archie McPhee

Today while running errands in Seattle, I decided to visit the Archie McPhee store at its new location in Wallingford. They moved to 45th and Stone Way from Ballard in mid-2009.

I dooon’t liiikkkeee being in Seattle for long. There’s only a few places I ever go to in Seattle on purpose. I can’t stand the traffic, the crowdedness, the busyness, the lack of parking, and a number of other things. Unless I’m going there for a concert, special event, or particular store, I avoid it.

But Archie McPhee is one of those places you have to visit at least once as you can never leave there in a bad mood. Today I decided that some “silly therapy” would be a good thing, so I made my once a year or so trip to the Kingdom of Kitsch.


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