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Seahawks 3


Oh, and from the Kirkland Views blog, the cow and coyote statue in downtown Kirkland, Washington…

Kirkland Views Seahawks Statue

Kirkland Views/Terri Fletcher

Kirkland Views Seahawks Statue 2

Kirkland Views/Terri Fletcher


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Okay, so you’ve probably already seen it on Facebook. This is just too funny not to post.

Yeah, I once got a rake, and I killed a snowman.

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There’s an email going around right now that asks an intriguing question:

The wise and objective Ralph Hiatt had this to say:

Tim Tebow’s “Te-bow” reminds me of the almost exact position shown in the famous painting of General George Washington who was not ashamed to be a Christian when he knelt and prayed for his troops during the revolutionary war… while his ragged, tired men fought for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom from undue taxation under the rule of the king of England. Years ago almost every school child used to see that painting displayed in his school room or in his school books.

America… Where are we headed? (more…)

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