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Scooby Doo Unmask

Mr. Baffleberg? My cousin’s longtime piano teacher?!


Yellow teeth bared, he raised the knife in a jerky automaton-like flourish as putrid sweat dripped from his stringy reddish black hair…

Is this what you think of when you picture a sociopath? If so, you’re not alone. This is how pop culture often portrays dangerous and dishonest people– in hockey masks, dragging one leg heavily behind them, brandishing weapons, unkempt, socially inept loners who drive noisy ’70s vehicles with human bones dangling from the rear view mirror– and the list goes on. (more…)

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A beloved relative who spent decades selflessly serving other people passed away this month. Hundreds of emails poured into her grieving husband’s inbox reminding him of the amazing positive impact she had on their lives.

A memorial service was held, and later, a burial. When the husband arrived home from burying his wife of nearly 60 years, he discovered that his house had been burglarized. Thieves had ransacked their residence and helped themselves to their belongings. (more…)

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