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Venn Diagram

Sin is the monster we love to deny. It can stalk us, bite a slice out of our lives, return again and bite again, and even as we bleed and hobble, we prefer to believe nothing has happened. That makes sin the perfect monster, a maneater that blinds and numbs its victims, convincing them that nothing is wrong and there is no need to flee, and then consumes them at its leisure…
-Frank Peretti, The Oath

While surfing the web for something unrelated, I came across a Venn Diagram on Despair.com that shows ADHD, stalking, and narcissism overlapping with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Tweetstalk in-between. I’ve been guffawing about it ever since, but that reminded me of another subject I’ve wanted to toss into the public arena. (more…)

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