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Dagwood Sandwich

Originally published in the Fall 2008 GIG Quarterly Magazine of the Gluten Intolerance Group

It’s Tuesday morning at the office and one of your coworkers waltzes up to your desk with a box of Krispy Kremes. “No thanks”, you smile. “Aah, come on”, he says. “You look like you could use a donut. And I’m not even going to charge you.” “I have celiac disease”, you reply, smirking slightly as you anticipate one of several predictable reactions from people who don’t know what celiac is. Sure enough, he eyes you suspiciously, trying to decide if that means you’re dangerous, contagious, or some sort of maniac. After a moment during which your coworker seems to be deciding if you’re going to do some sort of impromptu jig while gnawing your elbow, his eyes light up in a “eureka” moment as he asks, “does that mean you can’t have fish?” (more…)

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