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The Church Courtesy Challenge

Last weekend it happened again. I was asked, “would you mind if my husband and sons sat here?” which indicated that I should change my seat. So I did. Big deal.

When the other family members showed up while I was listening to what was going on up front, I became aware that several people were standing in my peripheral vision. Realizing they were the husband and sons, I stood up and let them pass.¬†When the dad sat down, he said thank you, which I appreciated. What I would have liked more is if the son would have said, “excuse me.” (more…)

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This morning in church I happened to sit at the end of a row with many empty seats in the middle. Attendance seemed low due to a concurrent event, so there were a number of available seats.

A couple came in and asked if they could squeeze past me to get to the middle of the row. I moved my stuff, stood up, and let them by. It was no big deal, but I’ve often wondered why people gravitate towards the middle seats when others are available. A lot of us latecomers just slide into the end seats. (more…)

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