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Hey We the People– September 17th is Constitution Day, meaning it’s been 228 years since the completion of the supreme law of the United States.

The National Constitution Center has an Interactive Constitution page that delves into relevant issues.

Also check out their pop quiz.

And they have a great FAQ page.

Viva la Constitution, baby, yeah! May she always trump the special interests, control freaks, subversive foreign ideologies, and those who treat her like Play-Doh that can be reshaped on a whim.


We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution. –Abraham Lincoln


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Fight Back


Click on the image above to learn more.


Free people, remember this maxim: we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost. -Jean Jacques Rousseau


(Update, 2/11/14: I just posted this comment on another site in response to someone who thought, in their words, only “leftist twits” are concerned by this.) (more…)

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The United States Constitution just took 23 consecutive hits today as Obama signed 23 executive actions (or executive orders?) under the guise of curbing gun violence: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/16/obama-urges-new-restrictions-on-assault-weapons-magazines-as-part-gun-control/.

This is the most egregious attack on the Constitution by the executive branch I have seen in my lifetime. Implementing such regulations is not supposed to be a function of the executive branch. It is something a monarch or dictator would do, not the president of a democratic republic. It was also incredibly tacky to do this surrounded by concerned children. (more…)

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Hillsdale College is offering an online course to teach people about the Constitution:

Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the U.S. Constitution – Hillsdale College.

Here is information from their website. Please note that the class started this week, but the lectures are archived, so you can catch up. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our country and the principles it’s founded on. Every American should have this knowledge. (more…)

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There’s an email going around right now that asks an intriguing question:

The wise and objective Ralph Hiatt had this to say:

Tim Tebow’s “Te-bow” reminds me of the almost exact position shown in the famous painting of General George Washington who was not ashamed to be a Christian when he knelt and prayed for his troops during the revolutionary war… while his ragged, tired men fought for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom from undue taxation under the rule of the king of England. Years ago almost every school child used to see that painting displayed in his school room or in his school books.

America… Where are we headed? (more…)

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Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled– seemingly– in favor of the Westboro Baptist bigots. Judging from the explosion of comments and coverage on the web, Americans from all walks of life are shocked and outraged over the ruling. But does our Constitution allow any other outcome?

Given the modern “fast food” approach to news in which we tend to believe whatever’s served up, I read the majority opinion for myself before I started this blog entry. I love that technology allows us to read court opinions the same day they come out: http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/10pdf/09-751.pdf. (more…)

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Now to take on Westboro Baptist Church and its infamous founder, Fred Phelps (I know that friends just heard my literary shotgun racking knowing I take after the fiery Protestant preacher branch of the family tree). I must preface my remarks by saying that I believe God is who He says He is as stated in the Manufacturer’s Handbook. He has certain standards that all of us have deviated from to some degree, and a lot of people don’t like those standards.

He has those standards because He loves His children and wants the best for them. I often add this caveat in my articles, that you’d better believe I’ve deviated from His standards as well. I am not going to launch into some holier-than-thou, legalistic tirade designed to make everyone feel bad about themselves while I have my own issues to work on. (more…)

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