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What’s a real man?

Is he a “yes, dear” type who begrudgingly acts out the never-ending honey-do list? (Honey-do lists disgust me, by the way.)

Is he the guy who continually bottles up his feelings to avoid conflict?

Does he allow himself to be used to be viewed as a “nice” guy, stay quiet instead of voicing his opinion, kowtow to his partner’s unreasonable demands, or feel that he has to yell to get his point across because “she’s not listening?” (more…)

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Knife Fight

This week I find myself mulling over the factors that influence men’s and women’s decisions to argue. And not just argue, but tear each other apart. It’s all around me. It’s an epidemic.

We end up feeling sliced, diced, and boiled like rice. It’s an event that can leave strong people in shock, shaking, wondering what just happened.

It’s disrespectful, it’s ugly, and it’s abusive. Yet it’s so easy to get sucked into. I’m bothered as to why even those of us who hate it are tempted to engage. It’s almost like our human nature salivates for it. (more…)

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