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Entirely Pets has come out with a cool new product that can greatly improve communication between you and your dog.

In March they introduced a revolutionary product sure to bring canine transportation into the 21st century.

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Recently I was asked which books¬†about relationships actually help people. Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages is in my top 10, with the Manufacturer’s Handbook (aka the Bible) in the top slot.

Chapman first published this book 20 years ago and it’s timeless. As a marriage counselor he found that there are five primary ways in which people express and interpret love. According to his website, he also learned that people are¬†usually attracted to someone with a different “love language.” (more…)

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Sometimes the inner monologue escapes like a rabid monkey out of a zoo cage.

This is what I tell people who look at me quizzically when I’m expounding on a subject I’m excited about. As Spiderman said, this is my gift, this is my curse. Sometimes, in conversation, my mouth is running at a sprint while my mind is a few miles back like a dazed jogger saying, “hey, wait up– and where on this green earth are you going, anyway?!”

I compare these mind-mouth disconnects to highway hypnosis, which is when you suddenly, and sickeningly, realize that you don’t remember driving the last 39 miles even though you’re holding the steering wheel of a one-ton vehicle. This can also happen when you read books; you may slip into a trance-like state, watching the words drift by like passing seagulls, and then–shazam– you don’t remember chapters three through 12. (more…)

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Like many bloggers, I visit other blogs to read various viewpoints of topics I’m interested in. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people who disagree with a majority viewpoint go off on others without any consideration for individuality. I frequently see, and hear, people attacking others as a group from emotion rather than reason.

If you support a certain cause, by default you are surely a cannibalistic Yeti-worshipping bigot who chews on jagged rocks and rolls around in uranium-enriched cow dung. That’s about how much sense people who go on blogs and instantly rip into others sometimes make to me. They assume that everyone who agrees on just this one thing is a mindless zombie who would commit extremist acts in the name of tofu or wool socks. (more…)

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