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There is a meeting room where I work in which its Miami Vice color scheme, fuzzy lighting, and muffled acoustics combine to create an overpowering snooze-inducing effect. When I sit down in this room, I soon find myself squinting and taking shallow, hamster-like breaths as a wave of sleepiness froths over me. It doesn’t matter how exciting the subject matter is, and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the seating, I just can’t seem to stay fully alert in that room.

Discussing this with a coworker led to the mention of the infectious international phenomenon known as head dancing. This is when you become drowsy and your head decides to– whappeesh– snap back and forth in an effort to wake you up. It can happen in the most embarrassing places– church, work, school, while in a car, even during tightrope walking– but I must wonder why anyone is embarrassed by it when everyone, naturally, does it. (more…)

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