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Today a coworker and I were discussing terms that relate to the value of something. The term that popped into my head was “ten-cow wife.” That’s a phrase I picked up from a short movie I’d watched in seventh grade. It was about a Polynesian trader who seemed to pay too many cows for his bride. (more…)

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Perfume 1

As a woman I believe that cosmetics and accessories are meant to enhance our feminine assets, not distort them. Lately I’ve been pondering many of the fads and innovations in “beauty” that can unfortunately make women resemble desperate drag queens rather than touched-up versions of their own selves. I saw a news anchor the other day who is naturally attractive, but the alterations she’d made to her appearance in order to be more… trendy (?) were so unnatural I found her difficult to watch.I felt that her electrified eyelashes might start a second and third conversation. (more…)

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