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Magnifying Glass

Did I eat hallucinogenic mushrooms for breakfast?

No, I read that correctly: those with criminal convictions are becoming a protected class.



Earlier this week I was floored to read that yet another city, Richmond, California, has barred private companies with city contracts from doing criminal history background checks on job applicants in most cases. (more…)

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The United States Constitution just took 23 consecutive hits today as Obama signed 23 executive actions (or executive orders?) under the guise of curbing gun violence: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/16/obama-urges-new-restrictions-on-assault-weapons-magazines-as-part-gun-control/.

This is the most egregious attack on the Constitution by the executive branch I have seen in my lifetime. Implementing such regulations is not supposed to be a function of the executive branch. It is something a monarch or dictator would do, not the president of a democratic republic. It was also incredibly tacky to do this surrounded by concerned children. (more…)

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