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What a crazy day in American government! I was on pins and needles before SCOTUS announced its decision on Obamacare this morning. Initially I was dismayed at the ruling because I strongly disagree with things that reek of socialism when my people have fought and died for a democratic republic since the founding of this nation.

Why, pray tell, would Chief Justice Roberts consider this a tax? More on that in a minute. It’s also interesting that Attorney General Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress and I applaud the guts of both the Democrats and Republicans who made this happen. Our government is supposed to have such checks and balances; nice to see them in action. (more…)

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Audit the Fed

Suppose you and ten friends have been mowing lawns all summer to be able to buy a boat together. You’ve been sweating in the hot sun since June and have a few more weeks to go until you return to school in September.

Two of your friends have no idea how to handle money, four are experts, and the others have varying degrees of financial know-how. It is clear that some of the money has already disappeared and that you’re not all equally committed to this boat idea. (more…)

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