2014 Auburn Veterans Day Parade

“No, don’t take pictures. Just enjoy the parade.” Ha, that didn’t last. I couldn’t help myself. The annual Veterans Day Parade in Auburn, Washington is so rich with culture, color, and camaraderie that I used the old point and shoot to capture a lot of what we saw. Someday I’ll get an expensive camera. Someday I’ll […]

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Auburn Veterans Day Parade

The City of Auburn, Washington holds an annual Veterans Day parade that is one of the largest in the United States. Yesterday I had the privilege of attending this annual gala. It was fantastic to be with other people who, in spite of our strong opinions on whether or not American military personnel should fight […]

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Vietnam Veterans Traveling Wall

This weekend’s celebration of Veterans Day in Auburn, Washington included a traveling Vietnam Veterans Wall exhibit and mobile museum. As a Gen Xer, what happened in Vietnam has always been a part of my life; my generation was born into it and has had to live with the consequences of it passed down through our parents. […]

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