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Apostrophe Man

Do you ever look at a word so long when you’re trying to spell it that you start doubting it’s really a word?

Tacoma. Ta-co-ma. Tacoma. Yeah, that’s right. Taco-MAHHH! (like the evil priest shouting “Kali Ma!” in Temple of Doom while struggling with Indiana Jones).

Tacoma? Hmm. This is such a simple word, yet the Native Americans had a different version. Tahoma. The name of the mighty mountain. Ta-ho-ma…. Ta-ho-MAHHHH!!!

It’s amazing how much you can question your judgment when you think about a word too much. This same sort of overcautious analysis seems to be contributing to a cultural crisis involving apostrophes and quotation marks. You know, the ‘doink’ and “doink doink” marks. (more…)

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