WA State Needs a Stalking Update

Washington State needs an update to its stalking laws. To date I can’t get any state legislator I’ve contacted to respond. I first reached out about this in October of 2021. As I’ve told the legislative committee that should take this forward, this is a non-partisan issue and the RCW is in desperate need of […]

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Jonah and the Pumpkins

761 B.C. Gath-hepher, Lower Galilee. A dry wind envelopes a tousle-haired man mumbling to himself as he digs his staff into the ground to vault a stray boulder. “Crazy,” he says. “No way. I did not just hear that. Over my dead body.” He races on through the night, fleeing as if he were invisible […]

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Bashing vs. Reasoning

Like many bloggers, I visit other blogs to read various viewpoints of topics I’m interested in. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people who disagree with a majority viewpoint go off on others without any consideration for individuality. I frequently see, and hear, people attacking others as a group from emotion rather […]

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