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761 B.C.

Gath-hepher, Lower Galilee.

A dry wind envelopes a tousle-haired man mumbling to himself as he digs his staff into the ground to vault a stray boulder.

“Crazy,” he says. “No way. I did not just hear that. Over my dead body.”

He races on through the night, fleeing as if he were invisible to the force pursuing him. Tucking his cloak into his belt, he keeps his head down to avoid conversation with anyone he might meet. (more…)

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Like many bloggers, I visit other blogs to read various viewpoints of topics I’m interested in. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people who disagree with a majority viewpoint go off on others without any consideration for individuality. I frequently see, and hear, people attacking others as a group from emotion rather than reason.

If you support a certain cause, by default you are surely a cannibalistic Yeti-worshipping bigot who chews on jagged rocks and rolls around in uranium-enriched cow dung. That’s about how much sense people who go on blogs and instantly rip into others sometimes make to me. They assume that everyone who agrees on just this one thing is a mindless zombie who would commit extremist acts in the name of tofu or wool socks. (more…)

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