A Very Kirkland 4th

Independence Day 2020… the first Fourth of July in my lifetime without parades and fireworks and the usual community mingling. So imagine my delight when I learned of Lakeview of Kirkland’s drive-thru parade for their residents and seven veterans! Lakeview is a senior living facility south of downtown Kirkland, Washington. Among their seven veterans are […]

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Veterans Day Seattle 2017

This morning in Seattle Evergreen Washelli¬†hosted its fabulous annual tribute to veterans. It is quite a sight to see flags all over the cemetery, color guards, and veterans of all wars. When they asked any World War II veterans to stand or wave to be recognized, two stood up. Perhaps there were more, but each […]

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Presidents’ Day

What better way to celebrate Presidents’ Day than at a statue of our Founding Father George Washington on George Washington Lane at the University of Washington in the State of Washington? Today members of the public and patriotic organizations from across the area gathered for a commemoration of Presidents’ Day in Seattle. After a program […]

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Auburn Veterans Day Parade

The City of Auburn, Washington holds an annual Veterans Day parade that is one of the largest in the United States. Yesterday I had the privilege of attending this annual gala. It was fantastic to be with other people who, in spite of our strong opinions on whether or not American military personnel should fight […]

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Three reasons I cannot support the Congressional resolution for U.S. military action in Syria

(wildninja) Whether or not you agree with Joel Rosenberg’s politics or religion, the man is a wealth of information on the Middle East. His books like The Twelfth Imam and Damascus Countdown are bestsellers for good reason. While some have compared his insight to Nostradamus because details in books he wrote just a few years […]

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Bizarro Logic

Our country is being carried off to a dark place by shadowy forces. Today it bears an alarming resemblance to the Bizarro World of Superman comics in the 1960s, where up is down and ugly is beautiful and it is a crime to make anything perfect.

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Crises and Control

Want control? Create a crisis. In a crisis people are desperate for solutions and will often consent to the quickest fix to avoid further adverse effects from the emergency. Steeped in crisis-fueled emotions, reason can take an abrupt back seat (or fly out the window) because we want to be rescued.

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State of the Union

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal nailed the general feeling of “huh?” I had about the State of the Union speech tonight: a speech about everything is generally a speech about nothing. It was like a huge, fluffy pastry that, once bitten into, was found to be hollow on the inside. I’m still hungry. […]

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