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Out of Jail

Barnabas Aid is reporting that the campaign to free Afghan Christian Said Musa from his Muslim torturers has had an impact– he’s free! He’s also out of the country (I haven’t heard about his wife and six children).

All credit to God for making this happen! Musa was scheduled for execution last week.


There are other Afghan Christians who remain imprisoned, so activists should keep the pressure on. American men and women have died to bring Afghanistan freedom, and allowing the executions of Christians (or other minorities) spits in the face of that effort.


Wherever there is prayer, there is the danger of His own immediate action.
-C.S. Lewis

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Afghan Convert to Christianity to be Executed within Days | Gospelherald.net-Chinese Christian News Online.

What if you were sentenced to die for your beliefs and no one was coming to your rescue?

There are no Hollywood celebrities drawing attention to your pending execution. The American powers present in your country, supposedly to enforce freedom, are largely silent. Petitions from both fellow believers and human rights activists have not moved your accusers or those with influence to stop your torture and death. (more…)

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